Meet Our Board of Directors

Board Members:

  • Beth Tracy, Chair
  • Joanna Brooks
  • Liz Shropshire


  • Lynn O. Poulson
  • Monica Clay
  • Terri Sundberg
  • Elizabeth Evans
  • Stephen Clay


  • President - Liz Shropshire
  • Vice President - Beth Tracy
  • Secretary - Lynn Poulson
  • Treasurer - Jeannette McElroy

Beth Tracy is a paradox – a biblical scholar with a Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible from the University of St Andrews, Scotland who, before returning to school, worked in the entertainment industry for over 15 years. Beth and Liz met in Los Angeles when the Shropshire Music Foundation wasn't even a twinkle in Liz’s eye. Since then Beth has moved around the world once or twice in the pursuit of employment, education and enlightenment. She is proud to put her energy and expertise in administration, event planning, and fundraising to work for the foundation. She is also passionate about teaching and reaching out to young people in need of direction and encouragement in the hopes that her small contribution will someday make waves as her students go confidently out into the world. Beth currently lives south of Boston, MA and is pursuing a career in teaching.
Joanna Brooks is Associate Vice President of Faculty Affairs at San Diego State University. A scholar of American religion and culture, Brooks is an award-winning writer and the mother of two daughters. She has been a loyal supporter of the Shropshire Music Foundation since its beginnings because she is deeply inspired by the courageous grassroots humanitarianism of Liz Shropshire and the immediate impact music can make in even the most difficult human circumstances..
Monica Clay works as a communications and marketing consultant and contractor in Salt Lake City, Utah. She began volunteering for the Foundation as a college student in 2002. She says she deeply appreciates the Foundation’s ability to reach children who have been “forgotten” by society and other relief organizations and looks forward to seeing the growth of its outreach.
Terri Sundberg is Professor of Flute at the University of North Texas and plays with the Crested Butte Festival Orchestra in Crested Butte, Colorado. She has presented master classes and performed as soloist, chamber musician and orchestral musician across the U.S. and abroad, including concerts in Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa. She visited the SMF program in Kosovo in 2004 and was stunned by the transformative power of the SMF program and the capacity of local teenagers to be teachers and leaders. She has great passion for her work on the Shropshire Music Foundation Board because SMF affirms on a daily basis her belief that music and musicians truly can change the world in extraordinary ways.
Stephen Clay has worked as a CPA for 10 years and is currently serving as the controller of EMI Health in Salt Lake City, Utah. He began volunteering for the Foundation in 2008. He also serves as the Treasurer for Spy Hop Productions.
Elizabeth Evans is a pediatrician with a practice in Southern California. She is also a Girl Scout leader and mother of 4. As a pediatrician, a mom and an advocate for children, I believe strongly that each child deserves to have a sense of self worth. The Shropshire Music Foundation helps children who have never had a chance to know how precious they are.
Lynn O. Poulson is a lawyer who serves as the Secretary of SMF. Retired from the firm Johnson, Poulson & Coons, a Professional Corporation in Los Angeles, California. Lynn is now a ‘mostly retired’ member of the Utah State Bar. He appreciates and supports the important work of the Shropshire Music Foundation in its impact for good among threatened children in the world.
Jeanette L. McElroy is a former educator from Illinois with 28 1/2 years in her chosen profession. She has been treasurer of SMF since 2008. Having spent many years of her life with children she recognizes and honors their special place in this world. Being able to be of further service to children who have been marginalized by society brings her much joy.