Blog By Ugandan Volunteer Ocan Collins

May 25, 2014

I am one of the pioneers of the Shropshire Music Foundation in Uganda. I started in 2006 and up to this day I am still part of the program. It is because of this program that I gained the love for studies and was able to study more. Even though I went for my further studies after High School, and am now busy trying to make a living, I have never stopped volunteering for the Shropshire Music Foundation, because I know how much I have been getting it from the program and want to give it to others. All the volunteers that are with the program now were my students, and now we are moving around and teaching together. It is great to see this happening and to see how much they have accomplished. I love this program so much and I love my musical instruments. As long as the Shropshire Music

Foundation is here in Uganda, I will be part of this program. We are working very hard with Burim to move from one place to another to bring peace to these kids of northern Uganda and to bring happiness to them.