May 10, 2014

For many years, during the 23-year-long war with the Lord’s Resistance Army, Ugandan boys and girls were kidnapped and forced to become child soldiers.  Most of these children didn’t survive.  Those who did were left with unimaginable scars–both inside and out.  Girls kidnapped as children came home as teenagers with multiple children born of rape.  Boys kidnapped as children came home with shame for what they had been forced to do, and were quickly outcast from society.  ALL came home with minds and hearts full of horror. These children are among the teenagers and young adults we work with in Uganda.  The children born from rape are a large portion of the children these teenagers and young adults teach, and love, and help.

SMF Ugandan Youth Volunteers and Children

Our Ugandan teenagers and children know personally what the missing Nigerian girls are going through.  Please, let’s get them back.  As quickly as possible.


With love,