Kazoos in Kosovo!

Jul 24, 2010

Youth Volunteers Playing Kazoo on SMF House Porch, 2010

A couple of years ago, some wonderful friends of our program gave us kazoos.  I have to admit–I love kazoos. When I was young I was in a unicycle club and we played kazoos while riding our unicycles in parades, and I thought they were magical instruments.

Miri Teaching Kazoo, YM School, July 2010

So I thought the kids here would probably like kazoos too.  I decided to start by using them in the song YELLOW SUBMARINE  for the part of the band (“and the band begins to play…”

Blini Teaching Kazoo at YM School, July 2010

The funny thing about playing kazoo is that it is totally funny.  You really can’t help laughing.  Part of the reason is that playing kazoo tickles, and part of it is because the noise is so different.  And the best part about playing kazoo is that all you have to do is think about a melody, and suddenly you are playing it!  No pesky fingering or complicated tonguing techniques required!

Granit Teaching Kazoo at YM School, July 2010

On Wednesday we had our first Kazoo lesson with the youth volunteers, and as you can see in the first picture, they loved it.

Xheraldina with Her Kazoo Class at YM School, July 2010

Then Thursday we introduced them in the Yll Marina School Singing Class, and all the children learned how to play.  In the beginning, the children didn’t know what to think about this strange new instrument that is so different from anything else. But by the end, they were all laughing out loud and clapping!