Kosovo Youth Volunteer Blog by Xheraldina

Sep 25, 2010

My name is Xheraldina Abrashi.  I am 15 years old and in the 10th grade.

During the wartime my family and I were staying at our house, but the Serbians destroyed it.  Then we stayed at our uncle’s house.   At that time I was 4 years old and I can still remember the views and noises that I heard.  Anyway, now I’m very happy and I have a good life, trying to forget things that happened before.

When I was 11 one of my cousins told me about this organization and the work they do.  I was interested to be a part of it.  First, some teenage volunteers started to teach me and others a lot of songs and instruments.  Then when I finished the 8th grade, I became a volunteer too.  SMF means a lot to me, because I’ve met a lot of new friends and it’s a great activity for me to be part of.   This program is very good and helpful for the kids.  They can forget bad moments through the music, trying to have a good time with others.  I like to be a volunteer and teach the children.  For the future, I’m going to continue being a volunteer, study, get a good job and have a family.

Xheraldina with her class at YM School, Summer 2010