Listen to These Voices!

Dec 30, 2013

Dear Friends,

If you feel overwhelmed by this busy time of year, take a moment and listen to these voices:

Ugandan I.D.P. Camp Student


I’m one of the war victims.  I love this program because it has made me relax sometimes when I am exhausted in my brain.  It has helped me in so many, many ways and because of the music foundation I have overcome the bad things which happened in the war.

* In our country we face a lot of problems because of the war.  The Shropshire Music Foundation is very important.  The war-affected children have a chance to relax and forget their memories of the war and their problems.  And this program has contributed a lot to my safety so it has also solved some of my problems.

Kosovar I.D.P. Camp Student



I play harmonica and I like it a lot because it helps me to relax and feel better when I am angry.  I like to play it and learn all the other songs, and to get to know and play an instrument.

Being a volunteer is such a great experience because you teach amazing kids and also make new friends.  The Shropshire Music Foundation has made me a better person because now I feel more mature and I can solve problems easier.

Catholic and Protestant Children Together in Concert


*  I like this program because it brings Catholics and Protestants together and you realize that there’s not really that much of a difference between us.

*  I love this music class because you meet lots of new friends and learn lots of new notes.


These beautiful children thank you.  You have given them the gift of music, and more importantly, you have given them the gift of peace.  They are not angry anymore.  They are becoming leaders in their communities.  They have hope for the future.

Now we need your help to continue reaching them.  And to reach out to another group of children with the same needs: the children of Syria.  Over 1 million Syrian children, who are living in refugee camps after fleeing a war where they have become targets as well as victims.

Can you help?  We need to raise $70,000 by February to continue our life-changing programs in Kosovo, Uganda, and Northern Ireland.  We need an additional $30,000 by July to begin a new program with the Syrian refugee children.  Please help.  Please give these children peace—though music.


You can donate here:

Thank you for everything that you have done.

Thank you for making all of this happen for all of these children.

Thank you for continuing to make this extraordinary program a part of your lives and the lives of thousands of children around the world.

With much love,

Liz Shropshire, Founder and International Program Director

P.S.  If you can’t donate as much as you have in the past, please donate less.  If you are able to donate more than you have in the past, please donate more.  Please donate.  


Please donate because more children need us than ever before.

You can donate here: