Send Burim to Uganda!!

Oct 21, 2013

Burim Teaching Children Living at Pabo IDP Camp

A few days ago I received an email from our Ugandan youth volunteers asking us to send Burim to Uganda as quickly as possible.  They really need him to do more training with them and help them with the program there.


Burim Training Ugandan Youth Volunteers



We had planned to send Burim to Uganda this fall but couldn’t because we didn’t raise enough money with our summer mailing.


Can you help us now?  We need to get him over there in January. We need to buy his plane ticket from Kosovo and pay for his housing and transportation within Uganda.

Burim Helping Volunteers Teach at High School


In Uganda we have programs with Former Child Soldiers, “Street Children” (children who don’t go to school because their families can’t afford it), Children living in Camps, High Schools, and Elementary Schools.   The programs are really struggling without Burim there to give them training and guidance.

Burim Helping Volunteer Cambell Teach “Street Children” Living at Pabo IDP Camp

We need to send Burim to Uganda this coming January, and have him stay there for 3-4 months.

Burim Helping Teach Children at Pabo IDP Camp

We need $8,000 to do it. Can you help?


Burim Teaching at Elementary School

Please click here to donate.  You can make a one-time donation or sign up for monthly donations.  Both will help so much.


Burim With Some of His Students

Thanks and I love you!